Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

February 2023


I am Barbara - Governor of the Month for February


I was delighted to attend a school assembly where the focus was “Healthy Me”. This is linked to the new PHSE scheme called Jigsaw and every class will be working on this subject this term.


Mrs Lewin gave a brief introduction to the topic before asking the children for information surrounding the subject matter. The children were first asked how to keep a car “healthy” before moving on how the same ideas could be applied to keeping our bodies healthy. The children were very well informed and provided good knowledge on diet, exercise and also leisure activities which keep both the mind and body in good condition.


It was clear the children really enjoyed sharing information and understood how to stay healthy. It was also pleasing to note the evidence of good behaviour by the children. There is a very positive approach, with children rewarded for good behaviour in their attitude to attending assembly in a polite and respectful manner, by being nominated to sit on the bench at the back of the hall.


Whilst attending the assembly I was delighted to present certificates to the pupils who had entered the Rotary Young Artist competition. The standard of the entries was very good with the entry from Bea awarded first prize. Well done to all the children and to Mrs Parrott for her efforts.


I also had the opportunity to talk to Mrs Ferguson and Mr Sullivan who showed me the children’s Design Technology work including sound cancelling headphones and miniature fairground rides. The children in Foundation also made me very welcome and were keen to advise me how important it was to keep their classroom tidy and showed me their work.


During my visit the children were very polite and well behaved and were a credit to the school.



Barbara Smith