Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

September 2023

As you may have seen in the previous newsletter, Sue Shelley has handed me the baton of Chair of Governors. Fortunately for me, Sue has agreed to remain Vice Chair, so I can continue to lean into her experience and wisdom of which I am extremely grateful. When I became a Governor, 2.5 years ago, a piece of advice I received from a work colleague was ‘whatever you do, don’t agree to become the Chair - it’s too much work and stress for something you don’t get paid for‘ I have a feeling he wasn’t as fortunate to work with a school like Hooe! So rather than feeling stressed (it’s early days) I feel honoured and I'm looking forward to continuing to support Mrs Lewin and all of the team who work tirelessly to create a happy, healthy and inclusive environment for all of our children, which I believe is as important as the education itself.

As a Governing board, we work closely with the school, we are kept well informed, we visit often and just Monday evening we spent the best part of three hours discussing successes, challenges and priorities. It has by no means been a ‘quiet’ start to the school year. There have been some unexpected challenges which the school are continuing to work through and some unexpected highs (who can forget the dolphins! That was really something very special, how many children can say they were visited by a family of dolphins outside of their school - a story I am sure they will tell for the rest of their lives!!)

The start of the school year means a new Year 6 class, a class of children that I probably know the best. They’ve been a great class throughout their years at the school. They’re a kind, caring and empathetic bunch. They’ve always looked out for each other and for others and now that they are ‘top dogs’ I have no doubt that they will be great role models for the younger children in the school.

Finally, I’d like to finish by welcoming all new children and their parents and carers to the school community, whether your child joined us in Foundation or another year group. We know change can be unsettling for adults, let alone children, so thank you for choosing Hooe and we hope that your child settles and thrives at our school. If you have any feedback, good or bad, as a school we are ready and willing to listen. Lucy Linn