Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

Curriculum Aims

Our curriculum

We are proud to have an ambitious, knowledge-based curriculum that promotes our school’s core values and inspires, excites and empowers all to achieve.

Our curriculum enables every child to gain experience, skills, confidence and knowledge through meaningful opportunities provided through our immediate and local environment. These opportunities improve capability, understanding, knowledge and attitudes for all.

Our curriculum is designed to enable all young children to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Successful learners who are creative, independent thinkers, with all the essential skills they need to work with others to be the best that they can be. Confident individuals who know they are valued as individuals, recognise their self-worth, see the positive in others, and are able to make wise choices in order to stay safe and make the most of opportunities offered to them. Responsible citizens who think independently but make decisions based on what is best for everyone, respect others and act with integrity and honesty, and are committed to being fair-minded, global citizens.

The topic areas within our curriculum have been coherently designed to build on one another with clear progression and links. Our curriculum subject road maps show how the curriculum has been planned across each year group. These enable all of our school community to understand where links to prior learning can be made so that in subsequent year groups, they will be able to explore concepts more deeply and apply their knowledge in a range of contexts.

Our curriculum continues to evolve and is implemented using relevant, up-to-date research on learning to ensure the children of Hooe Primary Academy know more and remember more.

Our curriculum enables the whole school community to discover, learn, grow and succeed together.