Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

June 2024

Hope you all enjoyed the half term, it’s hard to believe it’s the final term of the year already. For me, this term is usually the best, it’s warmer and dryer (hopefully) there’s sports week (another great day on Wednesday) and the general excitement of summer. For our Y6 there’s lots to look forward to after their week of SATs, starting with their residential, which sounded amazing. Very happy but very tired faces getting off the bus. Before the holiday I attended a meeting for the parents of foundation children due to join in September to tell them a little about school Governance and my two pieces of advice (as a parent and as a Governor) The first is to get involved, help where you can. Support and work with the school, it’s a team effort….we are all on the same team, wanting the same thing for all our children to get a good education but also to be safe, to be happy, healthy and feel included. Secondly, enjoy it, because it really does go fast and it’s over before you know it. As my own child leaves for secondary school, I too will be leaving the Governing body so this will be my last time writing to you. It is a great board, who are really committed and genuinely care about the school, with a diverse skill set, they all give their own time, skills and experience voluntarily. One of our Governors has been on the board at Hooe for 25 years next month - how incredible is that! We are recruiting a new chair so will keep you updated and there may soon be opportunities coming up for new Governors so watch this space and if you are able to give your time, skills and experience, please do. Mrs Lucy Linn