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Year 4

Learning Pack wc 13.7.20

Learning Pack resources 29.6.20 - 5.7.20

Learning Pack 15-26th June

Writing task - My Hero week commencing 11th May

This week I'd like you to think about someone who is your hero - Batman, Malala Yousafzai, Gandhi, your grandma...anyone!

w/c 29.6.20

Hi. It's been a while now and still you are sending me great pictures of your amazing exploits, wonderful creations and delicious concoctions. Please keep them coming as they do put a smile on my face. I have also noticed that lots of you are keeping up to date with your study ladder work so thanks for putting in the effort (and I include you grown-ups in that too!).

This week some children have been given the chance to come in and work with their new teacher. Year 4 will have their chance next week. It feels weird handing you all on to someone else after such a short time together. Still, I know that you'll rise to the occasion and show Miss Axworthy what a great class you are.

As it's been a while, I'll sign off with a couple of trivia questions and a couple of my trademark 'hilarious' jokes.

Trivia first

Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

Which can run faster - a hippo or Usain Bolt?



What's white and crumbly and lives in the rainforest?

A meringue-utan


A bear walked into a cafe and said 'Can I have a cup of tea and.........................................a slice of lemon drizzle please.'

The man behind the counter said 'Why the big pause?'

The bear said 'I can't help it...I'm a bear!'





Chapters 40 to 43 of The Tale of Despereaux are now on the You Tube channel.





Just to say that chapters 34 to 39 of the class reader are now on the You Tube channel.




The next two chapters of the class reader (32 and 33) are now up on the You Tube channel



wc 18.5.20

Hello everyone. Another week of home learning ahead of us. I am loving the photos you are sending me of the brilliant things you are getting up to. I've had sporty, foody, arty, crafty, helpful...all kinds of things so well done to those of you who have shared. I'd still like to see more though and some of you haven't shared anything with me so that would be lovely, if possible. 

The Wildlife Photography Competition end date is the end of May so make sure you are snapping away at the flora and fauna that you're seeing on your now extended daily exercise. I have had some cracking pictures in already. It'll be a tough decision so I'm glad it'll be a public vote!

The writing task this week is to write a lockdown poem. I know a few of you did a Lockdown Acrostic but this is a task to write a poem of any type. Think about what you have found that's good about the situation and be imaginative with your vocabulary.

Have fun, keep well, stay safe

Mr Craig

A joke: What goes tick bark tock bark tick bark tock bark?

A watch dog!


Hello everybody

Hope you're all fit, well and working hard.

I've added some of the work that has been sent to me onto this page so look below to see if yours is there. Unfortunately, we can't use names so it's a case of 'click and see'!

I'll try to post the next three sections of our class reader over this week so hopefully you've been listening in and hearing me trying desperately to remember which voice goes with which character. I had some lovely photos of VE Day decorations which I will add here and onto the Facebook page. I have also had a few more Wildlife Photography competition entries. You have until the end of May to get your entries in so click away.

In the meantime, keep well, stay safe and be helpful.

A joke:

Q. What is the noisiest sport?


A: Tennis...there's always a racquet!


Some trivia: Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon but who was the second?





Hi. I've put the next four chapters (18 - 21) up on the You Tube channel. Roscuro longs to see the light and does something very surprising for a rat.



Morning. Chapters 16 and 17 of Despereaux are now on the You Tube channel. We get to meet Roscuro the Rat, who will feature quite a lot from now on.


'Lockdown Poems' writing tasks w/c 18.5.20

I have uploaded the next four chapters of the class reader to our You Tube channel. Here's the link which I hope will work. I have also posted on Facebook.


Writing task Week One - My perfect School

Writing task week 1 - Perfect school

Writing task week one. Think about your perfect school. What would it look like? Who would go to your perfect school? What would be in the school grounds? Wh...

Tuesday 7th April

Good Morning Year 4

How are we all today? Keeping fit and well hopefully and keeping up with your reading!

So we're into week 2 of the holidays. Last week I was in Elburton looking after the children whose parents had to go to work. That was fun, if a little strange being in a different school. One thing I have learnt is that my knees do NOT like Joe Wicks!

Just to say that we will be posting some new work up on the website, on the Facebook page and into parents' email boxes. This will be some literacy, some numeracy, some reading comprehension and some other physical/art/craft activities.

I will also be recording myself (surprise) reading the class reader 'The Tale of Desperaux' and posting short extracts onto Facebook and the website every couple of days. I will start from the beginning again as I don't know about you but I've forgotten what has happened.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. Keep reading, keep behaving, keep safe, keep well.


Hi all

I hope everyone is fit and well and coping with the situation at the moment. I just thought I'd check in and make sure that you're not missing the daily supply of 'hilarious' jokes you would normally put up with...sorry, enjoy.

I'll be posting general stuff on here, like photos and videos of Murphy, bad BAD jokes, riddles, work...just to keep in touch.

I want all of you to stay healthy and don't cause your parents and carers too much grief.


So a joke

A piece of string walked into a café. "Get out!" said the owner "I don't serve string." So the string went outside and tied himself up into a tangle and rubbed himself across the rough concrete until he was very ragged. He then went back inside.

"Aren't you the piece of string I've just thrown out?" asked the owner.

"No," said the string, "I'm a frayed knot."


Sorry about that. I'll sign off with a trivia question. If you can find the answer, email it into yearfour@hooe.plymouth.sch.uk with  'FAO Mr Craig Trivia' in the subject.

What is the deepest lake in the world and what country is it in?

Mr Craig