Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

March 2023

Hello, I’m Ann Coltham and I was Governor of the month for March


March, like all the others is a busy month in the school calendar with much on offer for the children but also for parent/carers. I enjoyed joining the Parent/Carer forum which, although not attended by many, provides a great opportunity for parents/carers to raise and discuss a range of issues with Mrs Lewin. There are opportunities throughout the school year to discuss matters specific to the children with class teachers but this was an open meeting where more general issues could get an airing. Responses to issues raised were varied with some points just needing clarification perhaps via the school newsletter, email or school website whilst others needed referring to other bodies to seek further action or advice. It was encouraging to hear that matters raised at previous meetings were pursued and that updates were provided at meetings. It would be great to see more parents coming along to the next Parent/Carer Forum.


I had the opportunity to observe a whole class guided reading session and take a look at some of the children’s writing. In the guided reading session the children were enthusiastic and very keen to answer questions and share what they had learned. The classroom had a great atmosphere and the children were respectful and supportive of each other. It was good to see the different ways the class teacher encouraged all children to take an active part in the lesson. I also got the chance to look at some of the children’s writing books across the school. It was interesting to see how children review and amend their own work and how teachers feedback what the children need to do to make their  writing better. I hope to join Mrs Lewin later in the year when she reviews the children’s writing again.


The children have been busy preparing for the Easter Service and some of us (unfortunately I could not get to see all of it) got the chance to see what they had been up to yesterday – the rest of you have that pleasure still to come! Needless to say it was a joy to see and hear; the singing was amazing and it was just lovely to see lots of children moving, dare I say dancing, along to it. A big thank you to the children and adults alike for all the hard work that went into preparing for this.