Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

November 2023

Dear Hooe Primary Academy Families 

Hello again, I’m delighted to be writing to you as November’s Governor of the Month, and didn’t this month arrive with a blast, kicking off with Storm Ciaran!  Well done HPA for being one of the few Plymouth schools to batten down the hatches and brave the wind.  

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year because of the opportunities it brings for celebration but also quiet reflection. As always, our wonderful school has taken full advantage of these, with students participating in a variety of engaging and meaningful activities this month:  

Remembrance Day: In honour of Remembrance Day, our school gathered at the war memorial on Hooe green for a touching service to reflect on the sacrifices made by brave men and women. The children participated in poem reading, wreath-laying and a moment of silence to pay tribute to those who served our country. It was a solemn and meaningful occasion that instilled a sense of respect and gratitude in our school community. 

Anti-Bullying Week Empowerment: Promoting kindness, understanding, and inclusivity, our school actively participated in Anti-Bullying Week. Students engaged in discussions, activities, and assemblies focused on fostering a positive and respectful school environment. It was a week dedicated to empowering our children with the tools and knowledge to stand up against bullying and promote a culture of kindness. 

Enchanting Trip to the ‘Father Christmas’ Play: November brought the magic of the festive season alive for our lucky Year 1 children with a delightful trip to the Father Christmas play at the Theatre Royal. Our students were captivated by the enchanting performance, filled with Christmas cheer and joy.  

Movember: In support of men's health awareness, Mr Sullivan is once again sporting an impressive handlebar moustache, or a Ma-Hooe-stache as he prefers.   Thanks to all who have supported this worthy cause to date.  If anyone would like to recognise to Mr Sullivan’s increasingly furry face with a contribution, they can do so here.  

Children in Need Day Fun: Our school community showed tremendous generosity on Children in Need Day. Students came together for a day of spotty-themed fundraising to support this worthy cause. It was heartwarming to witness the compassion and empathy displayed by our students as they contributed to making a positive impact on the lives of others. 

Number Day: Friday 24th was ‘roll out’ day for new, fun-filled, maths programmes at Hooe, Arithmagicians and Numbots.  Our students showcased their numerical prowess through creative games, puzzles, and activities, such as calculating the area of the playground and finding shapes in the play equipment.  They also wore some fabulous number-inspired costumes (I’m told that Archimedes himself was there!). It was a day filled with laughter and learning as students embraced the magic of numbers in imaginative ways. 

As we bid farewell to a very busy November, we reflect on the wonderful moments and lessons learned during this eventful month and look forward to further opportunities for the school and village community to come together in December.  

Warm regards