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Year 5

R.E. - Karma

Writing - Story Map

Science - Electrical Components

Learning Pack June 15th - 25th

Art - The View From The Top Of The Wall

French - Lumens Award

Science- Create Your Own Jelly Fossils

Writing In Role Task 15th - 19th June

Year 5 Extra Activities Collage 14.5.20

Year 5    7.5.20

Hi Year 5,

Thank you for all the fabulous work and emails you have sent over the last two weeks.You are all amazing! It was also lovely to speak to so many of you on the phone.

Here are a few bits that will help with the next learning pack, but in the meantime, please enjoy the sunny bank holiday weekend and VE Day celebrations.

Stay safe

Mrs Parrott and Miss Axworthy x

Lockdown Acrostic

DT Exploded Diagrams (The Perfect Burger)

Year 5 Extra Activities Collage 1.5.20

Year 5 WB:27.4.20

Hello year 5,

We hope you've had a good few weeks and enjoyed the lovely weather and time spent with your families. Thank you for all the excellent work and fabulous photos that you have been sending in; It really is lovely to hear about everything that you have been up to.

Here is the learning pack for the next 2 weeks along with any resources you may need. Nearly everyone received a certificate for the first 2 weeks of Studyladder work-the scores were fantastic, even with a few glitches! Keep working hard, but more importantly enjoying family time when you can.

Miss you all!

Mrs Parrott & Miss Axworthy

P.S Don't forget the class reader videos come out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

(Just in case you have forgotten what we look like!)cheeky

Learning Pack 27.4.20 (learning for 2 weeks)

Covid Workbook-Time Capsule

Year 5 Extra Activities Collage 23.4.20

Learning Pack 13.4.20 (Learning for 2 Weeks)

Happy Easter!

Hi Year 5. We hope you and you families are well. We have really been enjoying your emails and seeing what you’ve been getting up to; there are some fabulous photos! Remember you can email us at yearfive@hooe.plymouth.sch.uk. We hope that you’ve had a good break but have still been keeping up with your daily reading!


Speaking of daily reading, next week you’ll have lots of new tasks coming to you as part of our new Home Learning Packs. We’ll send you all the instructions you’ll need to complete this on Sunday evening. However, if you’d like to get a head-start, one of your tasks for English in the next two weeks will be to write a book review. We’ve included an example to help you (written by Mrs Elllacot’s son, Jude). Please don’t start it yet but you could think about which book you are going to use (tip: pick one you have at home, know really well, and enjoy reading). Whichever book you pick will need to be used for many of the reading and writing tasks for this term- so pick carefully!


Next week we will be making our debut as Youtubers! On Monday 13th It will be Miss Axworthy reading the final chapter of ‘World’s Worst Teachers’ and on Wednesday and Friday Mrs Parrott will be reading some stories from ‘Why the Whale Became and Other Stories’. We will upload every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We will let you know when we've uploaded!


Enjoy the rest of your holidays and look out for our email on Sunday. smiley

Mrs Parrott & Miss Axworthy x

Hi Year 5,

  I hope everyone is well and enjoying the sunshine when you can.  Miss you all very much. It’s so weird only having a class of 2! Think about Ella and Evie still being taught by Mrs Parrott every day (poor girls) - that should cheer you up! Our favourite things to do so far are: Joe Wicks PE at 9am, Oti Mabuse’s dance class at 11.30am and drawing lessons from https://www.creativebloq.com/free-kids-drawing-lessons. Yesterday we created a Gregasaurus family. Why don’t you have a go? I’d love to see some pictures.

 You can now email Miss Axworthy and I using this email address:  yearfive@hooe.plymouth.sch.uk

We have also been doing TT Rockstars and Grammar Bingo each day. I’d love to know what you have been up to. Well done to everyone that added to the year 5 total during the TT battles!

On another note, my gorgeous old Labrador ‘Mavrick’ is not too pleased that we are at home all day as he can’t get his daytime snoozes in. He is 14 in human years, can anyone work out how old he is in dog years?

Have a great Easter Holiday, if you can; stay safe and follow the rules! Miss Axworthy and I will be finding you some lovely work to do after the holidays, but in the meantime if you want to have a go at some of the ideas above we’d love to hear about it.

Mrs P x


Mavrick and our Gregasaurus drawings!

Hi from Miss Axworthy

Still image for this video