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Christmas at Hooe

The Nativity Show 2020

We hope you enjoy watching our online Nativity performance God With Us this year!


The children in years 2 and 3 have worked extremely hard to learn their lines, perform the songs and act in front of a green screen, in highly unusual circumstances. We have all found it quite challenging to put together a show in these conditions, especially without having a live audience to perform for, and because of the way that we have filmed it the children haven't even seen the whole show yet (or even their completed scenes) and watching it will be a surprise for them!


Year 3 Nativity photo

A Note on Social Distancing Measures

Through the magic of green screen - where we film the children in front of a literal green screen and then add the background and other elements using an iPad app called Do Ink Green Screen - we have been able to include many children from both classes on screen at the same time. We wanted to reassure you that we have filmed this in accordance with the latest guidance on social distancing and keeping the children safe, including (but not limited to):

  • Cleaning all equipment and surfaces thoroughly before and after use
  • Keeping the children's 'bubbles' separate at all times
  • Filming scenes from different classes a week apart
  • Ensuring that Year 2 children always used the same costume (and limiting the amount of times we used the costumes)
  • Singing in the hall, ventilated with open windows, and distanced as much as possible


Year 2 Nativity photo


God With Us: The Show!

This year has been very strange - school has closed and re-opened, the children are having to cope with all sorts of new rules and social distancing measures, and we are sad that you have not been able to join us in school for a live performance of our show. However, we are immensely proud to present to you this video Nativity to watch with your children at home, and we hope that this brings a sense of festive normality to the end of this strange year:

The Nativity Show 2020

Year 2 and Year 3 are proud to present their online Nativity show: God With Us! The children have worked very hard on this, using green screen technology to ...

Foundation Festive Fun

As we are unable to invite families into school this year to watch our festive fun we have made a recording for you. In order to be 'covid secure' we have always remained in our class bubble, the songs have been recorded separately with breaks in between, rooms have been well ventilated with windows and our sliding doors open (it was quite chilly!) and the children were seated or stood facing in the same direction. Adults were standing socially distanced from the children during the recording of the singing. During the 'snowball' disco dough the children used their own dough which is stored in separate pots and had been quarantined before use.