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Pasta Sauces:

Cheese Sauce -

          70g                 Margarine

          56g                 Flour, plain

2.5pts/1.42L           Milk

         440g                Cheese, grated

        Pinch               Mustard Powder (Optional)

     To Taste             Salt & Pepper (Optional)   



1. Melt the margarine in a saucepan on a med-low heat, add the flour to form a roux (this is like a paste), keep stiring for about one minute over the heat.

2. Slowly add the milk ensuring that you continue to stir all the time and until all the milk has been added.

3. Next stir in the cheese and other ingredients if you are using them, again constantly stiring until the sauce thickens.

(To make Macaroni Cheese cook some macaroni pasta, drain and stir into the cheese sauce. Garnish with slices of tomato and a little extra cheese and bake in a pre-heated oven Gas mark 6 or 200ºc for 25 - 30 Minutes or until nice and golden brown).