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Year 6

Chicken Mayhem!

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Mrs E introduces Y6 to 2 new arrivals!

Hat Competition Winner

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Mrs E will announce the winner of the “Design a Hat” competition!
Very exciting...

New Class Reader and FB pictures

As always, I hope you are all safe and well!


You can now go and check out our new class reader on YouTube 



Mrs E is still going with 'Tell Me No Lies' so try and finish that one first, but you can always watch both...who doesn't love being read more stories?

I have also posted a few pictures and videos onto Facebook to give you an idea of what your classmates are up to at the minute. It's also a nice opportunity to see some familiar faces smiley


Keep up the good work and keep sending it in for Mrs E and me to check out.


Mr S



Musical glasses- for Week 3 and 4's Learning Pack

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Here's Jude showing you what's possible with glasses, water and a spoon!

Hello Year 6!


Mr Sullivan here. I have finally got myself a fully working laptop and I have posted you a video on YouTube to say how much I am missing all of you wonderful lot. I would like you to let me know what you would like the next class reader to be. You are going to have the following options to vote for - 

- The Hobbit

- The Goblet of Fire

- Slime

Can you email by Sunday evening at the latest and let me know which book you would like me to read to you (use the Y6 email.)


Keep up the excellent creative work at home as Mrs E and I are really enjoying reading about them, looking at your pictures and watching your videos...they're certainly helping to keep us sane as well as you (and giving us an idea or two of how to entertain ourselves).


I really do hope we will get to see you all before the school year ends as I would hate for you to move up to secondary without getting to say goodbye to each and every one of you.


Keep safe and keep sending in those emails,


Mr S :) xx

Mrs E talking about reading

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Example of a Book Review

Good afternoon Year 6.


After Easter, there will be some lovely work coming to you via email! One of your writing tasks is a book review. I have attached to our class page an example of a review for the book:

Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo. Please use it to help you write your own.

Happy Easter,

Mrs E

Hello from Mrs E at home.

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Good Morning Year 6,

I hope you are all okay. What can I tell you to cheer you up? You might be having a wonderful time at home with no school and not a huge amount of work. Don't worry- now I know how to upload onto the web-site, your favourite Glorious Grammar lessons can start up all over again!


Maybe you have mastered a new skill this week. Yesterday I learnt to use Zoom! Can you imagine all of your teachers all talking at once on video last night? Well, we did! It was quite a sight.- and a noise! We always tell you off for talking over one another...well...


My ridiculous cat has taken to hunting big-time, and so far this week has given me a dead blackbird and two dead rats. She was very pleased with herself- I was not happy!


Have a great Easter Holiday, if you can; stay safe and follow the rules! Mr Sullivan and I will be finding you some wonderful work to do after the holidays.

Mrs Ecool