Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

December 2023

Hello everyone,

On a recent visit to the school, I had the opportunity to see the Maths work which was going on in all the year groups. It was interesting to note the progression throughout the school and the excellent teaching and learning which was taking place. The children were polite and keen to share what they were doing and there was a buzz of activity. A very positive experience.

I am also encouraged by the fact that the arts are not neglected when so much emphasis is often put on the three Rs. There are not many schools where a whole class of children have the opportunity to learn to play the clarinet, with an experienced teacher. Imagine the cacophony of sound, but what a great experience for the children, and who knows where it may lead?

Also, earlier in the term there was a ‘Poetry Slam’ where the whole school gathered, along with parents and each class performed a poem. A love for the spoken word and different styles of poetry was being nurtured and the ability to speak clearly to an audience is a great life skill.

The wonderful art displayed throughout the school shows this subject too is celebrated. The children clearly learn about different artists and have the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums.


Christmas begins properly for me when I see a performance of the nativity, so I was excited to attend the year 2/3 rendition of this timeless story and it did not disappoint. The script was fun and the children delivered their lines with confidence. The songs were catchy and sung with great enthusiasm. Thank you to all the staff and children for all the hard work which clearly went into it. It warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Helen Furner