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PSA & Military Families Information



My name is Mrs Kirkland and I am Hooe Academy's Parent Support Adviser (PSA) as well as ELSA(Emotional Literacy support assistant) I also offer Pastoral support within the school and I am Military families/Young Carers lead.


My role varies from supporting you within school and also with outside agencies, the role really is whatever you need it to be and in whatever area you need help and support with whilst your child/ children are at the school - the list really is endless.


I am always available on the playground at the beginning and end of the day if you would like to catch me, I am in school daily from 8:30 until 5:00 so please if I can help with anything don`t hesitate to see me, the work I do is totally impartial and confidential.


You can contact me either via the school office, email or text on the designated number below. 



Tel 402042

Mob: 07531584617


Some information that may help, especially with the rising cost of living.


Too good to go:  All you have to do is download the free app, browse local shops and for £3 you can receive fruit, vegetables, deli and bakery products from a number of shops worth over £10 from Morrisons to Costa and many more  shops within Plymouth, then collected at a time that will be allocated you via the app.


Lidl:  Waste not veg box, for £1:50 you can get a 5kg fruit and vegetable box (pick up near the check out) subject to availability.


Water sure:  If you or a family member have a medical condition, meaning you need to use extra water, either for extra baths or washing of clothes, have a child under 18 and receive tax credits/benefits, please visit the Water sure website and check eligibility as you could have your bills capped saving money.


Family holiday charity: The criteria for this is, low income (less than 24,000) not having had a holiday in 4year and you must have at least one child under the age of 18 who will be going on holiday with you. If you feel this could be you and your family, then you may be able to access a holiday in the UK, either a beach, forest or city break. If you feel you are eligible please email me on: and I will complete a referral form. Subject to availability.





Military Families Information and Events


20th June 2022 - Raising of the flag ceremony, Guildhall Plymouth.   MKC attend.

22nd June 2022 - Tour of Plymouth Argyle Stadium.   MKC attend.

25th June 2022 - Armed Forces Day, lots of activities are taking place within Plymouth.

14th July 2022 - Lord Mayor to visit MKC in school.



MKC Hooe.

Our Military Kids club is run by Mrs Kirkland, who is our Military Lead for Hooe Academy.

It takes place once a fortnight for Phase one and Phase two children.

We regularly bake lovely chocolate buns and enjoy eating what we have made yum! We have lots of Lego and enjoy building amazing creations, enjoy crafts, and games as well as lots of other activities.

The children are able to chat, share concerns or just simply talk to others who are in similar situations, in a safe place where they know they are supported and listened to.



Our MKC have attended some exciting events lately, they attended The raising of the flag ceremony to celebrate the start of Armed Forces week. 



Flag raising ceremony

A few lucky families were able to attend the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

We had a tour of Plymouth Argyle Stadium, sitting in the dugout, finding out upcoming events at the ground and had a photo opportunity with some of the players, all the children who attended received a medal and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


Argyle tour

Plymouth`s Lord Mayor will be visiting the MKC children on 14th July, the children are very excited, especially to see the heavy gold chain.