HOOE PRIMARY ACADEMY 'Together we will create a learning community which develops our pupils' potential, responsibility and independence'

Mr Daykin - Headteacher

I have been privileged to be Head Teacher at Hooe Primary Academy since 2004. Previously I was Deputy Head at Hooe for 8 years. Clearly I like working at Hooe!

I teach in Year 6 every morning for science and maths. I am responsible for standards of teaching and learning across our school. I am also the designated child protection and safeguarding officer, assessment leader and a member of the Governing Body.

I have been a Local Leader of Education since 2009, which means that I spend some time working with other Head Teachers and Schools to develop their practice and performance.

Being Head Teacher is a busy job but I am hugely proud of the high standards we achieve at Hooe and of our pupils - who are fantastic.