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HMS Heroes

HMS Heroes poppy seeds to commemorate the start of The First World War



In May we all planted Flanders poppy seeds the seeds were given to us by The Royal British Legion, the idea for this was for us to plant the seeds in an area or pot and monitor and record their growth.

The Poppy seeds are to commemorate the start of the First World War and the sacrifice made for us.

We chose to plant ours in a wicker watering can for many reasons

1, it could be moved around and out of harm’s way

2. It can be taken home over the summer holidays so that the plants don’t die from lack of water.

3. We thought it would be a lovely back ground to the red flowers

4. Because in the war people had to make do and re use items for many other things so watering can transforms into a flower pot.

We are all looking forward to tending to our plants and hope they grow.