Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

February 2022

Hello everyone,

I’m Helen Furner and I am Governor of the month for February.

With everything the world is throwing at us at this time, it is important to take a moment each day to look at some positives both in home and school life. There is always something to be grateful for or to get excited about.

Despite the storms trying to prove otherwise, Spring really is on its way and the new playground equipment will be well used and enjoyed by all. What an incredible fundraiser and great result.

As a retired teacher, Maths being my passion, I was delighted to visit the school (in person!) and see the Maths happening in each class. It was very encouraging to find the children willing and able to discuss what they were doing. Teaching is now a lot more focused on understanding and making links, with discussion and use of various manipulatives. This not only has an impact on results but more importantly on understanding, enjoyment and the joy of discovery. I was inspired and excited about the future.

A lot of us, teachers included, are feeling tired and jaded from the last two years, but we are amazingly resilient and able to step up and continue to deliver with a passion, inspiring each other and the children in our care. I hope we, as parents, carers and teachers, have all enjoyed the half term break and are looking forward to a great term ahead.