Hooe Primary Academy

'Happy, Passionate about learning and Ambitious'

April 2022

Hello my name is Ann Coltham and I have been April’s governor of the month.

I hope you all had a good Easter break and managed to take advantage of the lovely weather!

I’m sure the children (and parents) couldn’t wait to get back into school to see all the changes that have happened over the holiday. The outdoor spaces are looking more colourful and are going to be great fun in the summer days ahead.

It was wonderful to see (I am new to Facebook but slowly getting my head around it) assemblies happening in person before the children broke for the Easter holiday and to see the pictures of them proudly displaying their awards.

I was really happy to be able to join the children at the church for the Easter service; hard to believe but for the first time in 3 years! The children were a credit to the school walking up to the church; respectful to each other and to people they passed and it served as a reminder of just how lucky we are to live in such an amazing place. The children stepped up as always and we were treated to some amazing re-enactments, readings and speeches. I particularly enjoyed the children singing, they sang so beautifully it was actually quite moving and an absolute privilege to be there to hear it.

It's the summer term now and lots going on, lots to look forward to and plenty of opportunity to make the most of the schools outside places. This is a wonderful time of year for all children and in particular the year 6 children and I know that adults in the school will be doing all that they can to ensure that they get the chance to make some really special memories.

Have a wonderful summer term!