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22nd May 2014

22nd May 2014



1) Likes and Dislikes


3) How the Menu is written

4) September Menu

5) Pick N Mix

6) Slushy Flavours & Drinks



1) Likes - Slushys (7)

            - Pick N Mix (10)

            - French Bread Pizza

            - New Puddings

            - Fish in Breadcrumbs (6)

            - Roasts (13)

            - Pasta Bowl (7)

            - Quiche (8)

* Pick N Mix will remain on the menu for the foreseeable future as will as many of the popular choices as possible.

 Dislikes - Chips and Carrots with black bits on

            - Portion sizes too small

            - Wedges

            - Long Queues

            - Water in the Pasta Bowls

* Catering staff try to ensure the best quality of all ingredients at all times and will remove any product that is not satisfactory.

* Portion Sizes are a very controversial topic. Students are encouraged to choose and eat all options available to them. (Carbohydrates, Vegetables, Salad, Fruit, Pudding and equally important a drink).

* Bread on the salad bar and pasta on the counter are available for everyone to enjoy everyday. Dont be afraid to ask for anything.

* Long queues are hopefully a thing of the past now that lunchtime is staggered. The catering team are constantly working to improve the dining experience for the students. 

* Catering staff have now changed how the pasta is cooked to try to remove any excess water, they are continuing to monitor the situation.

2) MASCOT - We discussed the ideas Rachel has sent in. Students will now discuss them with their class.

* Meetings are still taking place regarding the development of a Mascot and a Brand/Logo.

3) Ben would like an idea of what the pudding choices will be.

It was discussed that naming the puddings in advance restricts the possiblity of having the variety of puddings that are currently available for the students, it was decided that they prefer to have a variety of puddings over knowing what will be available.  

4) People shared their ideas and generally agreed the meal choices are good.

* We discussed how the children used to like the Macaroni Cheese option, Michelle is looking into the posibility of providing pasta bakes (like Macaroni Cheese) daily, rather than just pasta in sauce.

5) SC would like Pick N Mix all year. Year 6 like the new cheese in the baguettes.

* See note above. The Catering Team are now putting strips of cheese rather than grated cheese into the baguettes, wraps & rolls.

6) Some students would like more drink/slushy flavours.

* The Education Catering service provided by Plymouth City Council have decided to stick with the two slush flavours (Strawberry & Tropical) as these were the most popular.

* The Students asked if everyone could have the bottled water and drinks cups that are provided with Pick N Mix. Unfortunately we can not allow this at this stage, Michelle is working on different drinks options being made available for everyone.