HOOE PRIMARY ACADEMY 'Together we will create a learning community which develops our pupils' potential, responsibility and independence'

School Council


  1. Litter picking
  2. Writing Club
  3. Chess Club


School Council 19.1.17

  1. All dates for litter picking have been confirmed Caroline Fiske (ACC). 
  2. School Council unanimously agreed that Book Club can start from February 1st.
  3. ED will give a form to the the children who want to run Chess Club.


1) Litter picking dates for Caroline

2) Writing club


School Council 15/12/16
1) Dates for litter picking were discussed and will be sent to Caroline if teachers agree with them.

2) EP.GM. asked if they could run a writing club in the squirrel's Den next term. School Council unanimously agreed this was a good idea. EP/GM will write their club rules and come to school council after Christmas.




1) Caroline Fiske (Plymouth City Council) came in to talk to the school council about cleaning up Hooe and Turnchapel.


School Council 24.11.16

1) Caroline started by talking about the bins in Hooe and Turnchapel. The council have no money to pay for more bins because they need emptying.

The council can put in bigger bins and the children in Hooe can design posters to go on the new bins. Caroline also talked about a bin wrap and ED will write to Councillors Ken and Wendy Foster to ask if they can sponsor us to do this.

JA will write to city bus to ask if we could put a big poster in their bus stops around Hooe and Turnchapel. School Council will find 7 dates for litter picking and 2 assemblies. We will send dates to Caroline. The areas to clean: 

F & All Aboard - School Grounds 

Y1 - School Grounds

Y2 -  Hooe Green 

Y3 -  Hooe Green\Hooe shops

Y4 -  Turnchapel

Y5 -  Mount Batten\Jennycliff

Y6 -  Mount Batten\Jennycliff


1) Litter in our community

2) Lessons about the law


School Council 14.11.16

  1. School Council decided that the school should do something about litter in our community.       The things we should do:                                                                                                              a) Ask the council for more bins at Hooe Green, around Hooe Lake and Jennycliff. School Council unanimously to do this.                                                                                                    b) School Council felt that each year group should clean a different part of Hooe and Turnchapel once a year. They thought Foundation should clear up the school grounds.      The council lady who helped last year will be asked  how we can do this.                                  c) ED will also ask the councillors to pay for and put up signs we design asking people not to litter.


  1. New school council members
  2. Rules of being a school councillor
  3. Meetings, When?  Where?
  4. Litter in our community

School Council   10/11/16


1)  School councillors bring everyones ideas to meetings even if they don't agree with them. 

      We don't put our hands up unless we are voting.

      Everyone has one vote if we need to decide something.

      We do not use individual names to discuss problems occuring in school.


2)   Meetings will be once a fortnight on Thursday mornings. We will meet in the ICT suite.


3)   JA mentioned problems with litter in our community. She is concerned about litter by Hooe  Lake. Mr.D agreed to organise a meeting next week so we can discuss this more. 


1) Football - Queen's buffet review

2) Benches for playground


School Council 17.6.16


1) School Council thought that the Queen's Birthday buffet was excellent but we felt the queues took a bit too long. Could we extend lunchtime for other special lunches and serve in the hall as well as the dining hall. Football snacks were excellent as well but queues were too long again. Could the snacks be served during a game in future.

2) 2 more benches are needed for the junior playground.

We will want to see how many more benches we need for the infants. Councillors are taking the bench design choices back to the classes for a vote.


  1. Lunchtimes Golden Time
  2. Hymn Practice
  3. Year 5 clubs for Infants

School Council 19.5.16


1) School Council discussed the new field rules for Golden Time. We will wait a few weeks ta see how they week.

2) JJ and DS will get a list of Prefects who can monitor the quiet garden for quiet garden field holders. DS will make rules for the quiet garden.

3) People would like to try a different variety of songs including pop songs in hymn practice.

4) WB asked when Hisabati could start again. Mr.D said it could start next term on Monday or Tuesday evenings.


1) New club

2) Benches on top playground

3) Talent show

4) Behavior for learning policy


School Council 28.4.16


1) HH and LJ are going to run a lunchtime club for KS1 starting from next term.


2)We need more benches for children to be on the top playground. DS suggested taking a bench off the infant playground. We are going to test it by taking a bench from the infant playground for a week.


3) JJ will write a letter to the PTA about prizes and judges for the talent show. MA will make a poster.


4) DS and JJ explained the ways in which the behaviour for learning policy will be chained next term.


1) School meals - Menu

2) MTA

3) BFL Policy


School Council  7.1.16


1) Some children are noticing that the menu choices are not the same as the webpage. Mr D will check.


2) Some children are back chatting to the MTAs. The boys in year 4 feel they are being blamed for things they have not done. School council will think about class mediators and discuss next week.


3) Some tables know they aren't going to be asked anything so they just chat. Only 2 children in year 6 wanted the new behaviour chart. Not many wanted to keep the name on the board system as most teachers don't use it in year 6. Year 3 and 4 do use  the names on boards.