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Try Day for Foundation, Y1 & Y2

Universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) were introduced in September 2014.

Our school uptake of UIFSM is good, but occasionally we like to reach out to our not so regular   diners to give them an opportunity to try our school lunches.

On Thursday 5 October 2017 we will be holding our next “Infants Try Day”. Every child,  in  Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2, will be given the chance to choose something to taste from the school menu listed below. They are welcome to bring their packed lunch  in as a precaution. If they would like to bring their favourite toy to join them that is fine too. If your child usually has a school meal it will be no different to what they are already used to.

The menu on this day will be

· Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding

· Quorn Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

· Pasta Bowl /Jacket Potato /Wraps (Tuna Mayo or Egg Mayo)

· Apple & Raisin Muffin (optional) or Yoghurt

· Our salad and fruit bar will also be available as usual.

We would appreciate it if you could encourage your child to come, like their friends, and try       something from the menu on this day. Your child will receive a certificate for taking part.

However, if for whatever reason you do not want your child to be given a taster, please inform the school office ASAP.