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Magnetic Putty - Recall

Product Recall of Magnetic Putty



A children's toy has been removed from sale after it was found to have seven times the amount of arsenic permitted and twice the amount of lead permitted.

Tests commissioned by Northamptonshire County Council Trading Standards also discovered that the small cube magnet included with the item was of a size that could be easily swallowed and was 29 times in excess of the magnetic force that is allowed.

Children swallowing two or more magnets or a magnet and a metal object have previously required major surgery as the magnets are attracted to each other and may cause lacerations of the digestive tract.

The product purchased in Northamptonshire had been bought from a market stall in the county and despite including a ‘not suitable for 0-3 years warning’ did not have a CE mark indicating that it complied with the essential safety requirement for toys or other required labelling, including the identity of the manufacturer or importer.

The lack of these details indicates that a proper safety assessment of the toy may not have been made and makes tracing and removal of the product from sale slower and more difficult.

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